Tuesday, January 19, 2010

To everyone else.

I have been asked to speak about success a lot, and I never know exactly what to say - To everyone except myself, it seemed that I was doomed for no where but failure... Today I laugh, because I have not changed much and I suppose those people are still looking at me wondering how I manage to tie my shoe laces let alone run a company.. 

...Well maybe not all as I think ideas about how to be successful are changing, especially since the financial crisis- a moment in time when the previous companies' and leaders that were so called pillars of safety in society, came tumbling down as they were of another era and had not evolved. In some ways I think this has made room for the new, and hopefully more equitable and creative companies' and people to try new ways of dealing with the world and all its' glory;)

At the end of the day - everyone goes through adversity, and has their own journey with struggles and successes, and in no way do I think I was some how 'special' nor do I think that financial success is the most important part of life, in fact I do not like the 'success' part of anything, and usually I don't go to awards ceremonies or anything like that. 

When it comes  to aussieBum I still work as hard as I did when starting the company, and that's because I dug a little deeper and struck the thing I was always supposed to do with my life - and in doing it I have joined forces with the people I work with, and indeed the rest of the world to evolve and create a culture around the apparel that inspires people around the world... Before aussieBum, however, things were a little different...TBC

For now I'm putting the question to you readers! What do you struggle with when it comes to fulfilling your dreams?

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  1. Deciding between the easy, concrete freeway of assured-corporate-ladder-career success, and taking the solo, uncharted bush bash up to the highest mountain (otherwise known as never working for any one else ever again).

    It's hard to give up the luxurious ride and back myself for once.