Tuesday, January 19, 2010

answers to questions always asked.

Is aussieBum a gay brand?

This is an interesting question, one I get asked a lot! Firstly, I think any men's underwear or swimwear brand initially is labelled as gay, especially if, like us - the images are overtly  sexually explicit.... It just comes with the territory. This being said, we do not classify ourselves according to any specific group, we cater to men who are confident in themselves and their sexuality. In the beginning when aussieBum was rejected by 'main stream' department stores, we found that, as always - gay men adapt to the new a lot faster, setting the trend of things to come, which then enters main stream consciousness as trend setting... and so if gay = trend setter then...

To clarify, as a brand we will never forget where we came from, I stress this to everyone I meet, and every reporter that asks me this question... as i think that companies' that forget their beginnings soon meet their ends... and who supported us from the beginning? One of our company values is to communicate directly with our loyal customer base to make sure we are keeping it real and staying true to our original and loyal supporters, these values run through every campaign we do...

I guess in some way we also hope to play a role in allowing or creating the space for every man to embrace his masculinity, and in doing this personifying the fact that a masculine man can feel and look sexy. A lot of other men's fashion brands tone down a man's masculinity to give the look of fashionista, at aussieBum we combine masculinity and sexiness, and as we say 'if you doubt yourself, wear something else.'



  1. I could not agree more than that to what you said. What adds though, to the "gay factor" of AussieBum, is that unlike other brands, it's bold, different and stylish. And that's where the "If you doubt yourself, wear something else" takes all its meaning.

  2. Well put. But why should you have to define yourself as a gay brand or not anyway? Who cares! It works! If you said it was a "straight" brand, I don't think that the gay men would stop buying... Excellent idea to not classify yourself as having a specific demographic to target, more like a specific mindset. It's how brands should be.

  3. yep - thanks for both your comments, exactly the message I am trying to get across, I wouldn't even have spoken about it if didn't get so many questions regarding the matter, and like all things best to be up front and let people know where you're coming from, and what values system your beliefs are based upon - keep in touch.

  4. It is not the point of gay or not.
    I think, Lady wear the two pieces or any sexual explicit exposure, it is acceptable by the society.
    Why men cannot do?
    Men like to show the masculine like lady like to show her milk!