Wednesday, December 16, 2009


“The trick to juggling is determining which balls are made of rubber and which ones are made of glass.”

Of course - as it is the busiest time of year - everyone in the office is getting sick.. Especially the ones that worked through the weekend on the photo shoot. Not complaining, as such is life.. Just going to carry a box of tissues around with me;)

We have quite a few things going on at the moment- preparing for the launch of new ranges next year, which is very exciting. Trying to get all the Christmas orders off and away so as not to disappoint on Christmas day, as well going through model castings which is always interesting...

These are the most urgent agendas that come to mind, but as the company grows there are always demands regarding new structures to be built, and conversations to be had... I try to keep communication open, and my office is more like a train station than a place of serious seriousness;)

On another note - we had the minister of trade in on Wednesday to present us with the award for being the top small business exporters in Australia - or something like that...;) even though I joke, it was a proud moment for us, as aussieBum is a company that prides itself on being Australian made, and it struck me that our office/warehouse in Leichardt is an innovative hub, that contributes positively to the Australian economy...  Where most businesses just out source and rationalize production we invest and create..


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