Friday, June 18, 2010


I was just wondering whether there was anything in particular you would like to discuss - or for me to post about?

Also, any other thoughts about the blog etc?;)



  1. the blue lines are distracting, pics should be larger

  2. ok cool thnks - thought that might've been the case, though was going for 'notebook' - laid back look;)

    thnks for feedback...

  3. Been reading alot about you Sean and I am sure this question has been asked but I will ask anyway. What support did you recieve, if any, to start AussieBum? I mean in the sense of Government, Business Advice/Start Up Companies etc?

    You are an inspiration to others to develop their ideas and just go out there reach for the stars.

    Have a good one mate.

  4. No comment on this post...but you are an inspiration Sean to a lot of people - who would of thought..."underwear" haha. Keep up the great work -
    Brandon in Las Vegas, NV - USA

  5. I just like how Active Aussibum is !! on Facebook any way and I like the Photo's and how fresh the style of the product is...
    Aussibum is a lifestyle and you dont have to have a body that's carved out of cream cheese to be a part of it... : )

  6. Hi Sean :) I really like your posts. Maybe you could do some stories on where you see the trend in men's underwear and swim wear is heading?