Thursday, February 18, 2010

living imagination. seeing what is not there... yet

wow - time has run away with me... we have been so so so busy, not that I am complaining.... 

a lot of people have been writing in to enquire as to why we have not opened a flag ship store? 

In answer to this- I think it is important to consider the history of the company - in that because all the big department stores in Australia shunned us in the beginning - we became one of the first companies to invest in eCommerce, which we love... The result is that we have become a global brand, and so the question arises - if we were to open a store, where would we do it?

The most obvious answer would seem to be Sydney - where we are based... This being said however, only 15% of our sales come from Australia, the irony of aussieBum is that Australians did not catch onto the brand as quickly as the rest of the world, and although we love Australia - we feel like the store is going to be so much more than your everyday retail experience, as 
aussieBum has become more than a brand - it has become a cultural icon and experience...

Australians have subsequently embraced the brand, and we are not ruling out opening a store in Sydney, or anywhere else for that matter, for now though - we are concentrating on investing in our team and apparel to ensure the aussieBum experience excedes expectations... 
we have never been a company to follow the pack, but we also embrace our customers' comments and requests, soooo.... watch this space - and if you have creative ideas please feel free to get in touch!!
I will be writing again soon - just have to sort out ... blah blah blah;)

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