Tuesday, January 12, 2010

if you make sense all the time - generally you're boring

I get asked a lot of questions about success, failure, business etc - I don't have the answers, or I do - at least sometimes and even then I'm bound to change my mind. So I say to you- there is a grain of truth in every story - even though sometimes this truth cannot be told in the actual words of the story, rather it is conveyed through some other unconscious channel;) In the same sense this is true for everyone that is trying to convey things past or things to come -  and these outbursts of random thought attempt to develop my story - an explanation of how I see the development of aussieBum, yes I was there, but these things have a funny way of taking on a life of their own...  

My main areas of interest have always been in anything creative - making something out of nothing, even when it seemed there was no chance in hell of making it half worth while. I sometimes think I was born  to see what most people miss or don't take interest in, not in an arrogant way, as I know there are a lot of things I cannot do, not that I mind about them very much as this is my passion and everyday I enjoy what I do- but creative people tend to notice things in a strange way, and a lot of people miss the value in this.

 I think when you start a company, and that company starts to grow - people form an image of you and that company which can get confused with who you are, and what the company can be at its' full potential. That's why it is hard to start anything new - there is no track record to use as a crutch, either you're good, or you're not, and it is hard!! That being said, it is also hard once you have a track record, as nothing stays the same in this world, and if you as a person start to fear change you've lost touch with what you started out trying to achieve, which hopefully is something with inherent value and originality..

When success comes- if you do not have that kind of grounding, I think- basically you're f**ked... and when it comes, usually it comes quickly...

I'm going on a world trip soon and it's one of the weird facts of life, that the better known you or your business become - the more you find yourself having to explain things like, who you are? or what you have done in the past to prove you can do it again? I always wonder what happens if people don't like it the second time? I change everyday;)  

If you've started a business, you have to develop a 6th sense- something like 'timing,' there really is no word for it-  it's like knowing when you just have to get on with it, and hope for the best, stop preparing and start getting out there - and other times you have to know when to slow down, take a step back and talk or communicate with people around you, see the impact of what you have done- this can be both fun and daunting... 

I guess, aussieBum is a company that was built on these kind of idiosyncratic drives and thoughts - in other words, a passion or drive to ensure that our creative efforts come to fruition - at the end of the day - how this happens? no one knows, least of all me, maybe because today it's one thing and tomorrow another, you just have to keep your eyes and ears open, and have similar  or  people that balance you around...

There is a simple reason I keep aussieBum organic - less business like, and more like organised chaos,  we're like 'Faulty Towers' if you need a reference point;)... is that I would bore myself to death faster than I could any of the staff if everything was systematised, strict or inflexible :) Even though I joke about it, I truly think a lot of companies and individuals lose their way - in fact sadly some never truly find it in the first place, and as a result they don't have the ability to come up with innovative, quality and creative products every time there is no formula...

hmm sorry about the philosophical babbling again - maybe get serious next post;)



  1. Hi Sean,

    No need to apologise for your 'philosophical babbling' - it makes great reading! I've been running my own business for 10 years, and can relate to a lot of what you say :)

    I've been buying from Aussiebum for about 5 years and have enjoyed watching the company develop over that time, particularly because you've managed to keep the company's appearance small, friendly and personal despite your massive success.

    All the best, and keep up the good work!

  2. Thanks Phil that is really great to hear, I appreciate your kind words, and thanks for supporting the company! Where are you writing from?


  3. You're welcome! I'm writing from the UK