Sunday, December 20, 2009

meat pies.... and success.

I think I am the kind of person who will fly Singapore airlines from Australia- every  time - with the only reason being that they have meat pies, the best meat pies of any airline - I think anyways;)

This seems random, but I write it to illustrate aspects of my personality and my decision making process- in that, I strongly believe that companies that diversify detail with skill and clear focus are successful companies. It is not an easy thing- to make someone feel at home when flying across the world at uncomfortable altitudes...

The irony of aB is that initially we were not successful in Australia- our home... And - when I am in public talking about aussieBum- which is still a young, relatively small and growing company- I often get asked why hasn't the company opened a flagship store in Australia? Or otherwise why we don't sell through David Jones and Myer (the big Australian department stores)?

This issue has been touched on a lot in the press, and so I will speak about it briefly, but explain succinctly how I see these developments as they have been important for my own and indeed the company's development.

To begin with, I started aussieBum to my meet my basic needs- rent and food, there were no grandiose dreams of porches and penthouses. The company is my passion, and I know that there is nowhere else I would rather be, and that is why I say I am one of the luckiest people around.  When I started out, I sold to my friends- who loved the products and suggested that I start selling through department stores. It turned out I had to try, as I had run out of money, which had all gone into the products...

Don't get me wrong I love Australia and Australians, however, when I approached Myer, I didn't even get an interview or a phone call, and David Jones told me I was out-dated, and would never be successful. I have subsequently heard, that these stores usually give new brands a chance, as it is not much extra cost for them... For some reason, however, they took a particular dislike to the aussieBum product..

It was then and there that I realized that- in Australia - if a small company doesn't get the backing of one of the established/traditional corporations- they basically don't stand a chance. There is very little in the way of options, as the population is so small and certain companies are just to big to compete with... Because of this I see aB as a win for the small guy, and now I support small businesses around Australia, in places like 'Broken Hill' by supplying small companies with aB products that they sell to tourists who know it as the exclusive brand it is- overseas.

I laugh now as these developments have been fundamental to the longevity of our success, but at the time- we went online and overseas- because we had no other choice- England not Australia was where I got my first big break... which I will chat about tomorrow - as I have to run (Kiah is calling)- need to look at the video we will release in the next couple of days for the new range 'Double Take.'


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