Thursday, December 17, 2009

'I woke up today, in a very simple way.'

Part of the reason I have started this blog, is to explain some of my decisions in regards to how I run aussieBum. In the media there are so many tag lines that try and label people as 'this' or 'that' and that is the way things are- it doesn't mean that individuals should not engage the conversation, so that all people can have a more clear view of why things happen the way they do...

here are some of the things I have said or has been said about me over the years...

Today Ashby has no desire for his product to sit in our leading menswear departments. “Going to them now and saying, ‘You can stock my product, I’m going to make money and you’re going to make money’ – do I want that? No. If it was all about the money, why not, but you’ve got to stand up for what you believe in.”

“We had the choice to make it in China, but it’s a long way away if I f--k up,” explains Ashby, who is loath to call himself a designer. “We also source the best fabrics from around the world, including local mills. Our produce may cost five times more yet, internationally, people really appreciate the fact it’s made here.”

“It’s my dogged determination not to get any bigger so we don’t have to move,” says the jeans-and-T-shirt-clad Ashby. “It really started as a ‘business as leisure’. It didn’t start with the idea of ‘we’re going to make a million here’.”

I will go into this more later... at the moment I am just busy organizing the Christmas hampers for the staff which is an important ritual here at aussieBum, giving back and sharing with the staff is a huge part of instilling values at aB, making sure people know they are valued for what they do, it really isn't only about the money...It's about the FOOD- did I mention I love FOOD;)

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